Welded Steel Tanks

Field erected tanks constructed to AWWA and API specifications provide zero leakage tolerance. Municipal, private, and industrial water systems depend on D&R Tank Companyfor long term value, reliable service, low predictable normal maintenance and most specifically - no leaks! Water storage tanks are custom-designed for each customer. D&R Tank Company can furnish welded steel water tanks of practically any capacity, height and diameter. Roof styles include structurally supported conical roofs, self-supporting cone roofs, and self-supporting umbrellas, each of which may be furnished with knuckle transitions if desired. Tanks for fire-protection service may also be furnished designed to NFPA-22 requirements. All tanks include OSHA-compliant ladders, handrails, and other accessories required by AWWA D100 and regulatory bodies.

Tanks that are 12'6" in diameter or less and less than 32' feet in height can be fabricated, erected and painted in our shop, trucked to the location and set with a crane on the foundation. D&R Tank Company has its own in house trucking fleet as well as various sized cranes for this application.

Welded Steel Ground Storage Tanks for Water, Wastewater & Petroleum

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Plastic Tanks

D&R Tank Company is capable of fabricating and erecting any size tank or project, come by and visit our shop, see our capabilities.