Meet the Team – New

President & CEO

Sabrina Ansley

A third-generation tank builder, Sabrina Ansley has been involved in D&R Tank Company’s operations since she was old enough to walk the site. In a more official capacity, Sabrina began maneuvering her way up through the company in 1998; first working in customer service and swiftly realizing that if she wanted D&R’s legacy to continue, she needed to become intricately involved in all elements of the operations. In 2005, Sabrina’s track record of excellence and involvement paid off and she stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer. Under the figureheads of her father and uncle, Sabrina saw to the day-to-day management of D&R Tank Company as COO until purchasing the company with her husband in March of 2021. Sabrina is now leading D&R as the president and CEO, serving every day at the same level of distinction that has led to consistent increases in annual revenue since her instatement.

D&R Tank Company believes in “doing it right the first time” and Sabrina exemplifies that ideal by providing cost-efficient, safety-first estimates while maintaining a loyal workforce with above-average retention rates. Having hired and retained an outstanding team, Sabrina is able to oversee and aptly delegate all aspects of project coordination, fabrication, and engineering, while ensuring business growth through superb brand positioning, a strong focus on operational excellence, and annual revenue growth.

Chief Operation Officer

Gene Norman

In 1980, Gene was in college studying accounting, not especially enjoying himself. He came home one summer to help a friend with some fabricating projects and thought, “well this is way better than accounting!” 42 years in the industry and over 36 years with D&R Tank Company later, Gene continues to enjoy welding and fabrication every bit as much as he did that first summer. He started with D&R in 1986 as a welder, moving to shop foreman where he served for 31 years. In 2021, Gene was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. Sometimes looked at as a counselor and father-figure to the crew, Gene particularly enjoys when he gets to be involved in more creative and artistic projects. He finds joy in traveling, meeting new people and making connections, and keeping his family busy and happy.
Vice President of Field Operations

Dusty Vega

A recognized leader in OSHA Compliance and holding certifications in welding, NCCCO Crane license, crane rigging, CPR, and more, Dusty Vega has been with D&R Tank Company for nearly 20 years. Though he began welding as a hobby, building pipe ends when he was “knee high to a grasshopper,” he is now our Vice President of Field Operations. In 2004, when Dusty was hired as a shop helper, he gleaned inspiration from his coworkers and had a thirst to move upward—from helper to welder, from welder to lead man, then acting as a foreman for 14 years, and finally being promoted to VP of Field Operations in 2021. In addition to his thirst for excellence, Dusty is driven by his joy in figuring out how to compose all the intricate details into a beautiful final product.
Vice President of Coatings

Noel Vargas

While Noel Vargas has only been D&R Tank Company’s Vice President of Coatings since Spring 2021, he is no newcomer to the industry. A second-generation construction worker, Noel had his own construction business for a time before coming to work for D&R Tank Company in 2014 where he started as a welder and was promoted from within to painter foreman. Serving as paint foreman for 7 years, he has made a name for himself at D&R by maintaining certifications in welding, NACE II, CPR, scaffold awareness, and much more. Noel feels that it’s important and gratifying to stay busy at work and, as such, he manages teams both in the workshop and in the field—doing a little bit of everything so he can enjoy watching plans turn into action!