It Is Often More Economical to Repair Rather Than Replace a Tank

Let D&R Tank help you refurbish your tank that either does not meet current seismic requirements or is suffering the effects of age. The extent of repairs depends upon how well the existing coating has performed and how well the tank was maintained.

Repairs can range from a standard blast and re-coating, to more extensive work such as foundation work, rafter replacement, center column repair, bottom or roof replacement, reinforcement of shell plates, installing new tank nozzles with flexible connections, updating ladders to meet OSHA requirements, or adding cathodic protection. We always provide disinfection services so the tank is ready to go immediately back into service when our work is complete.

D&R Tank also provides evaluation services on existing tanks to provide repair or replacement cost comparisons. Tank services include corrosion repairs, safety upgrades, seismic surface preparation, new coatings and any special modifications. Self-performing this work allows us to complete the entire job quickly and efficiently to get the tank back into service quickly and on schedule. We provide conclusions and recommendations including cost estimates so the client can evaluate the best course of action.