Welded Steel Tanks

Field erected tanks constructed to AWWA and API specifications provide zero leakage tolerance. Municipal, private, and industrial water systems depend on D&R Tank Company for long term value, reliable service, low predictable normal maintenance and most specifically – no leaks!

Water storage tanks are custom-designed for each customer. D&R Tank Company can furnish welded steel water tanks of practically any capacity, height and diameter. Roof styles include structurally supported conical roofs, self-supporting cone roofs, and self-supporting umbrellas, each of which may be furnished with knuckle transitions if desired. Tanks for fire-protection service may also be furnished designed to NFPA-22 requirements. All tanks include OSHA-compliant ladders, handrails, and other accessories required by AWWA D100 and regulatory bodies.

Tanks that are 12’6″ in diameter or less and less than 32′ feet in height can be fabricated, erected and painted in our shop, trucked to the location and set with a crane on the foundation. D&R Tank Company has its own in house trucking fleet as well as various sized cranes for this application.

Sandblasting and Coatings

D&R Tank Company has a full service, industrial blasting and coating facility.

Our commitment to outstanding service, combined with our competitive pricing, will help you get each job done to specifications, on time, and within budget – every time. Whether you need structural steel primed, or your vessel needs blasted and lined, D&R Tank Company can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our shop is equipped with a ten head Wheelabrator for blasting plate as well as a 50′ X 20′ X 20′ fully enclosed blasting booth.

We offer a full line of services including Sandblasting, Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings. Our 30,000 square foot controlled blasting and painting facilities allow us to work 365 days a year to produce the finest in commercial finishes. We blast and coat tanks, structural steel, bridge decking, fleet trailers, heavy equipment and pipe.

When your job is completed, it can be stored in our 19 acre yard or in one of our storage buildings.

Steel Rolling

We provide structural steel rolling, forming and bending for architectural, industrial, transportation and commercial uses.

We bend tubes and pipes, channels and beams, tracks and railings. If it’s steel or any other metal, we can bend it to the precise measurements you need.

D&R Tank Company is here to provide all of your structural steel rolling, forming and bending needs. For a free quote, please call us at

Pipe Fabrication

At D&R Tank Company your pipe fabrication project is one of our specialties.

We fabricate and ship piping according to project-specific priorities. D&R Tank Company has both mobile and fixed crane capacities. We are staffed and equipped to cover all aspects of fabricated piping, including non-destructive examination, testing, blasting, and painting.

Our pipe fabrication team includes experienced sales people, estimators, project managers, and certified welders.

Miscellaneous Metals

D&R Tank Company is a manufacturer of quality steel products.

We custom fabricate a wide variety of miscellaneous steel components. We cover the industry’s needs where miscellaneous metal fabrication is specified. Frequently we serve as a subcontractor, providing erection as well as fabrication services. Our capabilities are particularly valued on design/build projects, where our cost-saving efficiency and flexible scheduling enable us to be of maximum service! With complete in-house computerized engineering capabilities, we can create products to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Every day we fabricate stairs and railings, from the most ornamental to the most utilitarian. Our products are as varied as an architect’s imagination: from sturdy bridges and park benches to church cupolas. We cordially invite your investigation of our capabilities and credentials, and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you on your next project

Poly / Plastic Tanks

D&R Tank Company is a distributor of Den Hartog Plastic Tanks.

Ace Roto-Mold, a division of Den Hartog Industries, is well known for quality plastic tanks and accessories that fit a variety of industrial and agricultural containment needs. In addition to the extensive line of Liquid Storage & Containment tanks manufactured by Ace Roto-Mold, this division also produces Septic/Cistern tanks, Marine Products, and Custom Rotationally Molded products for a variety of industries.