Tank Inspections-old

Tanks require routine inspections to ensure they are safe, secure, sanitary and have structural integrity. Generally, utility technicians can perform regular inspections, but per AWWA, every 3 to 5 years a comprehensive inspection should be performed by a company with expertise in tanks. This inspection should also involve a thorough cleaning of the tank inside to remove all silt, sludge, and biofilm that can lead to water quality issues.


D&R Tank inspectors and engineers will check your tank to ensure there is structural integrity and competence of all components including shell, roof, and floor plates, rafters, column supports, stairs, ladders, and other tank features. Not only will we do a visual inspection, we can offer more comprehensive testing such as ultrasonic thickness testing and even cutting out floor coupons to ensure there is adequate remaining steel thickness.

D&R Tank can prepare your tank for interior inspection by cleaning it when it’s possible to take the tank out of service. We can remove all silt on the floor and power wash the interior. In the event the tank can not be taken out of service we will have our partner diving
company perform wet inspection.


As OSHA regulations continue to change and become more restrictive you need a company with expertise in identifying safety issues before you are issued a citation.

Common safety issues found on tanks involve ladders and fall protection. Our trained inspectors will identify issues in the field and our engineers can develop solutions so you can be assured that your employees are safe and that you will pass the next regulatory safety inspection.


Protecting the communities drinking water is of paramount importance. Our inspectors will look for security weaknesses during the inspection. Weaknesses can include lack of proper fencing or fencing in disrepair, no locks on hatches, doors, cages, poor lighting, lack of visibility, etc.

We can consult you on better security options, recommend repairs, or even repair issues for you.


Maintaining sanitary water conditions for the health and welfare of the public is the mission of every water utility and local environment dept. Water storage tanks are the most vulnerable component of a water distribution system. Our inspectors will ensure your tank meets EPA requirements for tanks including ensuring you have the proper screens, air gaps, and security on tank components. Of primary concern is to ensure you have no penetrations in your tank large enough that a mosquito can pass through.

Our inspections can help you be ready for your next sanitary survey. Regular cleaning and removal of accumulated silt, sludge, and biofilm also help to prevent a water quality violation.


Our NACE certified inspectors will examine the condition of interior and exterior coatings. We will look for peeling, delamination, and other signs of wear. We can perform pull tests to ensure your coating still has integrity as well as test for metals such as lead, cadmium, and chromium. D&R Tank works closely with coating manufacturers to ensure the coatings we specify are most appropriate for the project.

We can also work with a partner company to check the integrity of the cathodic protection system if one exists.


We will put all our findings in a report with pictures to document the condition of your tank. We will provide recommendations with budgetary-level pricing to help you plan for your next rehabilitation project. If you would like us to directly address your issues we can provide you a quote for repairs.

Finally, once you have your tank back in great shape we can help maintain your asset with one of our quarterly or annual follow-up inspection/ maintenance packages.